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Are you ready for the home of your dreams?

MacQuarrie Electrical Services provides services to builders and homes owners for new construction projects. Regardless of the size and scope of your new project, your needs become our first priority. We work to learn your specific needs and preferences and mold our services to the project requirements.

Today’s homes are larger and more sophisticated than homes of the past. Electronic devices, lighting controls, home automation, and communication wiring require careful planning and engineering to execute the work. The electricians of MacQuarrie Electrical Services are trained in these sophisticated new home wiring systems and understand how to lay them out and install them. We routinely work with architects, interior designers and general contractors to design, engineer, integrate and consolidate these features into the basic house wiring. Regardless of the size, age or complexity of your home, the professionals at MacQuarrie Electrical Services will get the wiring done right the first time.

MacQuarrie Electrical Services has extensive experience in setting up any type of home, ranging from an average size home of 1,800 square feet to a 25,000+ square foot mansion. We provide competitive rates per square footage and have a team of electricians that can complete any project size.

If you're interested in pairing up with MacQuarrie Electrical Services, call 707-260-4544 for more information.